About Us

About Us

Advanced Systems Capabilities
Even the most mechanical process requires creativity to develop and implement acceptable solutions. At Fortech, we carefully evaluate the unique needs of each project in order to create a solution that best meets those needs. To accomplish this, Fortech offers a focused menu of services tailored to water and wastewater systems treatment, and for specific industrial requirements.

Providing these solutions is our Fortech team of skilled engineers and technical staff who work closely with each client to create integrated systems. Utilizing advanced computer systems, each system is designed to meet or exceed the functional requirements of the process and provide enhanced operating efficiency for the user.

Included in this process is the preparation and compilation of detailed documentation. This provides the resources necessary to troubleshoot any situation that may arise and ensures that any system developed by Fortech can be operationally duplicated with precision. All documentation, CAD, PLC and operator interface programs are stored on a file server to allow immediate access to any project. In addition, we offer remote, secure access channels that allow us to monitor and/or modify a control system.

Concentrated Knowledge and Skills
At Fortech, our aim is to develop long-term working relationships that enable us to function as an extension of our clients’ organizations, and successfully meet their needs on an ongoing basis. To take advantage of our knowledge, capabilities and creativity, please contact us today.

Creative Long-term Solutions
Each solution created by Fortech can enjoy the long-term security of continuing on-site technical support in the form of project start-up service and through annual maintenance contracts. To facilitate trouble-shooting needs, our website has pertinent information and offers a client the ability to set up a secure path to download programs or documentation.